Jeff Riddle coaches high performing leaders and individuals to increase their performance and well-being. As a former competitive athlete, professional musician, and entrepreneur, he blends a transformational mix of practical skills, human performance, and deep self inquiry.

He coaches founders from conception to acquisition, CEOs and executives to level up their leadership and executive presence, and individuals seeking more well-being in their careers and life at large.

In addition to his private practice, Jeff works closely with coaching firm Reboot as a coach and as a member of their engagement team and he co-hosts and produces the Transcend podcast.

Jeff is a dedicated father and husband, an avid athlete, and loves to BBQ.


Client testimonials

"Jeff is more than an executive coach. He's a mentor, teacher, partner and friend who has positively changed the way I approach life as a husband, father and CEO." - CEO/Founder

“Things that happened from working with Jeff: my income tripled, my business was showcased in my 3 favorite national magazines, I got a book deal, massively improved my marriage, and developed a far better way of communicating and existing in the world, amongst other things.” - Author/Partner

“Jeff has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.  My perspective on events around me has shifted.  I am much clearer about the fact that I have influence, if not control, over not only how I respond to what happens in my life but what actually happens.  As a result of this work, I am more hopeful, more driven, more content than at any other time in my life.” - Senior Executive

”After just one workshop and a one hour coaching session with Jeff Riddle, my life and career was forever impacted.  Jeff's questions and gentle prodding forced me to look at what I truly wanted in a dream job, and then look closely at the fears and anxieties that were holding me back. His guidance helped me become comfortable with uncertainty, and state my goals with clarity and assuredness.  After that initial session with Jeff, I was inspired and empowered to pursue my long held dream of starting a social enterprise food company that provides culinary job training for the unemployed.  Just two years later, my company has grown from a staff of 2 to 40, bringing in $2 million annually in revenue, and training over 120 unemployed individuals a year to launch their careers in the culinary industry. I owe Jeff tremendous gratitude for helping to kickstart this amazing journey!” - Founder, Non-profit

“In a period of rapid growth and significant role shifting at my company, Jeff challenged me to rethink how I approached my day, my thoughts, and my team. He was an invaluable advisor as I navigated a highly complicated, stressful, and political environment.  I would not have successfully made it through this time without him.” - Early employee/Executive

“I have had the privilege of working with Jeff for over a year.  During that time, he has helped me to become a more effective investor and manager and a more present and thoughtful husband and father.  Through our work together, my self-awareness and understanding continues to grow.  And he has helped me to develop a more authentic and meaningful set of goals and aspirations and a plan for being my best self.  We talk about the profound and the tactical, the professional and the personal.  But I leave all of our conversations with more knowledge, understanding and inspiration to improve.” - Hedge Fund Manager

“Jeff is brilliant in his ability to cut to the heart of an issue both succinctly (and delicately.)  They way he views and approaches problems is novel to me, and I have been surprised at how effective his approach is. To use the term personal growth overly simplifies my experience working with Jeff. - Medical Doctor

“When I first starting working with Jeff things felt pretty bleak. My business wasn’t making much money despite feeling like I was working on it all the time. I couldn’t justify taking a step back while it was doing so poorly. This, combined with a lot of change going on in my life had pushed my self-esteem down quite low. An acquaintance who noticed I was struggling recommended Jeff and introduced us. By the end of that first call with Jeff I was able to see that I still had choices in my life and that I wasn’t as stuck as I thought I was. After a few months my business was profitable again and I was able to find time to pursue a side project dear to my heart. Now it’s been 15 months since we first spoke and I am working much less, yet earning more money. My happiness is no longer attached to my business. I am able to pursue things that matter to me more and having more meaning. Life feels much more fluid. I really look forward to our calls (despite having our calls at 6am due to the time difference) as Jeff is always able to help me get to the root of what’s going on for me. I am eternally thankful for Jeff coming into my life.” - Online Marketer

“When I first started working with Jeff I was searching for something, but I didn’t know what. My life was seemingly complete – good job, good apartment, great friends – but I was deeply unhappy. I tried talking to therapists, going to doctors and even upped my exercise schedule to get as many endorphins going as possible! None of it made a dent. I was not happy.

Then I met Jeff and with his help I learned to better see and understand myself as well as to define what is truly important to me. The work I did with Jeff is hard to describe, and I imagine it’s different for each of his clients. What I can say is that through this work I’ve been liberated from a concept of myself that never quite felt right and I now have the courage and the strength to define and live the life that I want. I had to let go of a lot of ideas that were holding me back, but what I found was that this release resulted in so many new opportunities that I never would have seen before. So much is in our power, and Jeff showed me how to take that power back.

 I’m forever grateful and in awe of the journey I have been on in the last few years and I have to thank Jeff for so patiently leading me to the water.” - Attorney

"It is challenging to describe working with Jeff as it is like no other growth work that I've done.  Talking with Jeff is like talking with a wise, trusted friend who is incredibly intuitive and able to pick up on subtleties to help you go deeper at understanding yourself and your thought patterns, and then changing them to be more useful. He has a remarkable ability to describe our habits and human thinking in a way  that makes sense.  During my first session with Jeff  I worked on my fears around a particular stimulus.  A few weeks later I found myself presented with an extreme form of the stimulus.  Instead of being stressed and worried, for the first time in my life I automatically responded to the stimulus calmly and with ease.  It was remarkable." - Financial Services Professional